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Archive | October, 2012

Car Fueling Fail at the Gas Station in Russia

How don’t fuel your car! A gas stations in RP Kochenevo (Novosibirsk region) in Russia. Man in Gas Station fueling car Epic Fail! The fuel pump is invisible at this russian gas station.

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Nun Stealing Beer from Convenience Store

This nun appears to have picked up a bad habit after she was caught on surveillance camera stealing beer from a convenience store. The footage offers little detail as to where and when the petty criminal was filmed, suggesting it could be a prankster trying out their Halloween costume a few weeks early. In the […]

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Skateboarder Hits A Deer At 40mph

Skateboarder Hits A Deer At 40mph. The Deer fled away after the accident and i am sure he wasn’t hurt. This took place at 2012 Buffalo Bill DownHill. Sullo skate a 60 kmh ‘inciampa’ in un cervo. Una spedizione di appassionati skateboarders gi per una ripida collina finisce con una collissione inaspettata. Ecco il video […]

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